Skillet Cornbread Stuffing with Mushrooms & Herbs

Skillet Cornbread Stuffing with Mushrooms & Herbs (Vegan, Gluten-Free Option) |

As we near the end of the year, I feel as though I could sleep for days. I regularly ask myself whether I’m doing enough and almost always think I should be doing more, pushing myself harder and further to reach my full potential or at least get in as much as I possibly can in any given day. I am a self-starter through and through, and when I’ve checked off a bunch of to-dos and plopped myself down on the couch for an episode of whatever show Aaron and I are currently watching at the end of the day, I think about whether I’m pushing hard in the right directions. Is my energy focused where I want it to be and where it should be, are want and should even in alignment?

It’s easy to think in the moment that we’re not doing enough. As I look back on 2014, I realize that we (Aaron and I, and each of us as individuals) pushed ourselves hard, possibly harder than ever, or at least in new ways that’s made it feel harder than ever. There were lots of ups and downs requiring our full attention, and just as one thing would dissipate, another would arise. I went back to school for culinary nutrition, Aaron continued to grow the business he co-founded, we bought a condo to make into a home, I wrote and Aaron designed an eBook, and there were many, many smaller happenings along the way. We weren’t great or even good at carving out non-work time. It was the year of “get shit done”.

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