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It’s been a tumultuous last few months with a mixture of highs and lows. Most of the lows happened all at once, with Aaron losing his job being the most significant. Others were a mixture of emotions, like coming to the realization that we couldn’t provide Olive with a home that was the right fit, but then finding a loving family to give her the life she deserves.

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Despite the unexpected lows and added stress of these changes, I am still a believer that we have the ability to not only handle what’s thrown our way, but that we can use it as an opportunity to let go of things that no longer serve us and replace them with things that do. Attitude and perspective are everything, which I truly learned during my move to San Francisco and back.

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To me, Thanksgiving is most definitely about the food, but it’s also a reminder to pause and reflect on the people, puggles, and things I am so thankful to have in my life.

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On the work front, I’ve been busy with my SEO consulting and Aaron officially announced the branding agency he’s been gearing up to launch for the last year (really, for his entire life).

Barley is settling in and making our hearts melt from cuteness at least one hundred times a day.

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Honey is looking past his “love bites” and sharp puppy teeth and realizing she has a playmate with an eerily similar temperament. Although, I suppose it’s not that eery – they have the same dad and their moms are related (totally dysfunctional in human terms, not so much in dog relationships, I guess).

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And in general, things just feel like they’re falling into place…balancing working hard to create the life we want, with slowing down enough to enjoy the present.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with things that make you happy – food-related and otherwise!



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  1. says

    What a sweet post, especially this: “balancing working hard to create the life we want, with slowing down enough to enjoy the present.” Something we all should strive for.

    Happy Thanksgiving to y’all (both people and puggles)!

    (And, PS. I’m eagerly poking around your husband’s site—we’re in the same line of business!).

    • says

      Balancing the two is definitely tricky. It’s a constant work in progress for me.
      Aaron’s site is just a wordpress template for now, but I’m sure they’ll have something awesome up as soon as they can find the time. :) Hope you like the work so far!

  2. Laura S says

    Such beautiful words, Amanda. You sound joyful and like you’re at peace amidst the curveballs that unfortunately (and fortunately!) are a part of life. Despite it all we still have so much to be grateful for.

    Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

  3. says

    Hi Amanda:

    Thanks so much for the good wishes and lovely reminder about being thankful for what we have especially when at times it does not seem as if we have much to be grateful for…Wishing you and yours a bountiful and enjoyable Thanksgiving celebration.

  4. says

    Sometimes the worst times allow us to put our old selves to rest and birth something new and beautiful. Pheonix’s rising from the ashes if you will.

    I’m so happy things have turned around for you and I am in love with this post. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. xo

  5. says

    What a GREAT post, Amanda!! And yes- attitude is EVERYTHING. For some reason, I choose to have a bad one sometimes, which is just plain dumb and a total waste of time and energy. There’s so much to be happy about. And when in doubt, pet a puppy (that’s a direct quote from Greg).

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