I think this photo says it all.

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More on the Thanksgiving food and recipes later, but for now, head on over to Eat Pray Tri to check out this month’s 23Paws post and gush over other bloggers’ adorable pets. Cinnamon also taught her dog, Chloe, a new trick, although I think the doggie yoga poses stole the show for me. “Firehydrant”, anyone?

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Happy Friday!


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    Oh my goodness, canNOT even handle. Wish I was cuddled up on my couch with a couple o’ pooches like that watching Gilmore Girls (instead of sitting up nice and straight at dining table working :/…still watching Gilmore Girls, though 😉 ).

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    Oh man that picture is the best. I’m going to keep coming back and look at it all day until I’ve had enough. Not sure when that will be (if ever.)
    Firehydrant was my favorite. That little girl just cracks me up!! 😉 Thanks for coming by the party! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

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