Barley at 4 Months

Okay, so it’s more like four and a half months. Remember when it was really important that people knew you were five and a half, NOT five? Those were the days. Now, I think I’d like to start rounding down.

My dad recently told me that I need to post more photos of Barley, because he’s “the star of the blog”. Not the recipes, not my writing – Barley.  I’m not taking it too hard. It’s tough to compete with this:

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In fact, I’m going to embrace it. You know the bloggers who post regular updates on their babies, complete with milestones, likes/dislikes, etc? Let’s do that.

New skills: “sit”, “down”, pulling some sort of insulation out from under the baseboards, jumping on and off furniture (he had trouble figuring out how to get down once he was up there)
Favorite foods: pumpkin puree, pears, oranges, sunflower seed butter, bananas, apples
Least favorite foods: raw kale, celery. I started giving him a piece of celery when I need to entertain him for a while. He just tears off tiny fibers and spits them out. Much cheaper than bully sticks.
Best friend: Sampson, our neighbor’s ten-month-old havanese/shih tzu/some kind of fluffy dog. From the moment their eyes met across the parking lot, it was love at first sight. These two have quite the bromance. Honey and Pickles (my parents’ puggle) are close seconds though.
Favorite person: everyone. He is personally offended and has what can only be described as a puppy meltdown if people walking by don’t stop and fawn over him.
Consecutive days not peeing in the apartment: 4!
Favorite way to sleep: on top of Honey’s head. His new nighttime ritual involves cleaning her ears ever so gently. They look clean to me, but what do I know.

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Way more interesting than baby updates, right?

Happy Friday!!!

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  1. says

    Awww, ha, your dad and I see eye to eye ;).

    I would not be at alllll opposed to more puppy posts, since like you, I’m a bit more pooch-obsessed than baby at the moment!

    (And, the “personally offended…puppy meltdown” bit made me giggle).

    • says

      He really does pitch a little fit when people don’t pay attention to him. He also acts like he’s bff with everyone who passes by – Barley’s quite the social butterfly! haha

    • says

      haha It’s funny though, because Barley will keep eating it and spitting it out, like maybe next time he’ll like it. Rocks, on the other hand, he finds totally delicious.

  2. says

    This is SO CUTE I can’t stand it!
    My dogs do the same thing with celery. Both will eat just about anything- but there are a few green veggies (mostly leafy greens) that they don’t like. It’s entertaining though, because they stand there with a leaf hanging out of their mouths, staring at me. Then they’ll spit it out, and pick it up, over and over again until finally deciding that it’s not edible. :)


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