Why Pickles & Honey?

Three years ago, Pickles & Honey began as an idea to blog about my dog, Honey, and her puggle bff, Pickles (my parents’ dog). I had planned to post about their daily adventures and all things puppy…except I only got as far as registering the blogspot domain.

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Best Friends Forever

At the time, I had no idea healthy living and food blogs even existed, but soon after, a co-worker showed me his friend’s blog. I was hooked from the first post I read and soon realized there was an entire niche of bloggers who shared my interests in cooking, eating, and working out.

Reading these blogs was an escape from my desk job and a huge source of inspiration.  And now that I’ve taken the plunge and left my 9-5, Pickles & Honey is a way for me to contribute my own passions to this community.

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The entire focus of Pickles & Honey isn’t puggles (although, rest assured, they definitely make appearances), but the name stuck with me.

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