Happy Friday

– Pet birds are surprisingly high maintenance. YellowΒ has a nice little routine going on, where he wakes up and is a little chirpy chatty, and then this progresses into what I imagine to be the bird equivalent of yelling well into the early afternoon. Around 3pm, he finally chills out and likes to just hop around his cage, flinging birdseed and stray feathers everywhere.Β He does NOT like pop music, but seems to enjoy Christmas songs, specifically anything Michael Buble. I both love and despise this station on Pandora right now.

Honey Sweater

– Honey is totally weirded out by the bird (and maybe the hoodie). At first, she was mesmerized, but now she just keeps staring at it, then back at me, then back at the bird, crying the entire time. So now I have bird chirping, dog whining, and non-stop Michael Buble as the soundtrack for my workday. Do I really need to tell you how that’s going?


– I went to eat the last slice of pumpkin chocolate chip bread for dessert last night, and as I was about to take a bite, I saw something green and fuzzy out of the corner of my eye. I came thisclose Β to eating a sizable amount of mold, and for a split second, I debated eating around it. I don’t know what is wrong with me.

– On Wednesday, I decided I would step up my workout and tack on a spin class after bodypump. I went from cursing myself as soon as I sat on the bike, to feeling incredibly accomplished after class, promptly passing out at 9pm, and then skipping my bodyattack class on Thursday. I think I broke even on that one.


– I have eaten a whole lot of cookie butter this week – some in smoothie form, but mostly plain. But I’ve been making sure to take a multivitamin, and I did eat that one bowl of raw brussels sprouts.

– Aaron and I are attempting dog search round two at the animal shelter tomorrow. My plan is to try to barter Yellow for a puppy. I think it’s a fair swap. I mean, he basically sings O Holy Night.

How was your week? Any fun plans for the weekend?

In addition to visiting the animal shelter, I also have a holiday party to go to on Saturday night. The invite said something about a candle lighting ceremony to kick it off…ummmm, what happened to wearing an ugly sweater and drinking bourbon spiked with eggnog?? Yes, you read that last part right.



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  1. Billie says

    Throw a towel or a cotton throw over the cage when Yellow starts screeching and it will shut up. x

    1. Amanda says

      haha I’ve been doing that at night and it works like a charm. πŸ™‚

      Today I’ve been giving him romaine lettuce, and that has been occupying him for a long time. It takes him a couple hours to eat a small piece.

  2. Kait says

    “So now I have bird chirping, dog whining, and non-stop Michael Buble as the soundtrack for my workday. Do I really need to tell you how that’s going?”

    Best line ever. Good luck!

    Try paper…Kaybird LOVES to shred it and chew on it and all around make a mess with it. Organic cotton things too…Kaybird hates the color red for NO reason so she’ll go to town on a red kitchen towel and anything attached to it (like a white kitchen towel). πŸ™‚

    1. Amanda says

      haha I had no idea birds had so much personality.

      I’ll try paper and see what happens!

  3. Kait says

    I didn’t either! Honestly, when I came to the apt and he was like, “Well I actually have an african grey” I was like WTH am I getting myself into! But now I love the little bugger like a kid! Greys, at least, have the mental capacity of 3 year old’s…not sure about canaries but yea…they have personality. Kaylee has a sassy face and an I told you face and a even a poop face (sorry for the overshare)! Its cute.

    1. Amanda says

      That’s really funny, and very cute. πŸ™‚ I think we’re going to give it a few more days, and then probably see if the MSPCA will take him. We’ll see what happens though – I’m such a sucker when it comes to animals.

  4. Sarah says

    Your posts crack me up every. single. day. It’s wonderful.

    Also, I don’t trust myself to get that TJs Cookie Butter ever. Unless I literally run the 6 miles to TJs and run back…

    Also, Honey looks so fed up with the world.

    1. Amanda says

      Thanks, Sarah!

      Yeah, the cookie butter is very addictive. I’m going to try to get my husband to finish it off. πŸ™‚

      Honey is not a fan of anything on her head, so the hoodie isn’t her favorite. It’s too bad, because her rain coat came with a matching hat. haha

      1. Sarah says

        Honey looks like a miniature version of my dog, Leo. He’s half Boxer, half Mastiff, and a big ball of fun.


      2. Amanda says

        Awwww, that face! I can’t even handle the cuteness.

  5. plans, yeah, just posted it. The BEACH!

    lovin that spec butter. I wish I had brought a jar down to nibble on πŸ™‚

    1. Amanda says

      Your photos are gorgeous! What a beautiful beach.

      1. YAY! and i got this comment reply in my inbox…thanks for fixing that!

  6. I can’t even tell you how many times I eat around mold. I’m gross and don’t care. I do it all the time with cheese. My husband thinks it’s the most disgusting thing in the world. haha
    Also, I just bought the cookie butter tonight. We had a happening Friday night consisting of the chiropractor, Trader Joe’s and then dinner at a dinner. It was fabulous.

    1. Amanda says

      Your Friday night sounds pretty awesome to me! I saw the instagram shot of some sort of giant ice cream sundae?! Insane.

  7. Emily says

    I love that you balance out cookie butter with vitamins and vegetables. That’s definitely the way to go. πŸ™‚
    Body Pump AND Spin? Girl, you are a beast. That’s awesome!
    And have fun at the shelter tomorrow. I’m still dying to get a puppy- I’m hoping Christmas will deliver in that regard. Doubtful but hey, a girl can dream!

    1. Amanda says

      Awww, I hope you get a puppy! It’s a ton of work, but so worth it. πŸ™‚

  8. Honey is just the cutest thing ever!!! I love the robe!!!
    I have yet to buy that cookie butter- but I’m sure it’s coming. I keep seeing it everywhere (well, everywhere in Blogland). I’ve already got like 6 open jars of nut butter in my fridge though- this is a problem for me.
    And the Spin-Bodypump combo is the best! Try TEACHING them both back-to-back, now THAT is enough to make you pass out at 8 pm (I often do).

    1. Amanda says

      I can’t even imagine teaching spin and bodypump back-to-back. There are some instructors at my gym who teach 3-4 classes in a row! I hope for their sake they get to take it easy towards the end.

  9. Nicole says

    It sounds like you had quite the week! At least you’ve got cookie butter (we don’t have it in Canada).

  10. AWWWW, such a cute puppy. I am so jealous you have a puppy

    1. Amanda says

      Now we have two. I just posted pics of the new addition. πŸ™‚


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