Vegan Freezer Burritos

Easy Vegan Freezer Burritos |

NYC may have missed out on all of the excessive snowy glory of the last two days, but Boston got it in spades. I can’t ever remember getting this much snow at once, though it’s possible I’ve blocked it from my memory because it was too traumatizing. The snow itself was kind of perfect—light and fluffy and ideal for skiing or snow shoeing (neither of which we own). But being in a highly populated area, there is just nowhere to put it! The snow banks are taller than me and we’ll be lucky if it melts in time for summer.

On the plus side, Aaron and I changed up our workout routines for one of the best exercises of all: shoveling. Round after round…after round. I foresee a serious foam rolling session in my future because my back is feeeeeeling it! All of this shoveling (and shoveling some more, all while remembering our old GARAGED parking space) made us insatiably hungry. Give me all the carbs!!! And coffee!! I don’t even normally drink coffee.

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