Chickpea Brine Vegan Pavlova (or meringue)

Life-Changing Chickpea Brine Vegan Pavlova (or meringues) |

Have you ever been so excited about something, you momentarily lose your words? This may sound silly, but that’s what happened to me with this pavlova. Three and a half years ago when we first started Pickles & Honey, I discovered a veg-friendly diner in town that made a killer vegan lemon meringue pie. As much as I gush over chocolate, lemon and meringue rank right up there for me too. I have memories of enjoying lemon meringue pie with my grandmother years ago, sitting at her big dining room table with the cream-colored lace tablecloth, and savoring bites of that fluffy, airy topping while she would tell me in detail how to make the various components from scratch, all the while warning me about eating too much sugar.

Life-Changing Chickpea Brine Vegan Pavlova (or meringues) | picklesnhoney.comLife-Changing Chickpea Brine Vegan Pavlova (or meringues) |

When I decided to stop consuming animal products, I had given up on making meringue. That vegan lemon meringue pie at the diner made me realize, however, that maybe it was possible to recreate it at home. After a lot of trial and error, I finally figured out how to make mint chocolate chip meringue cookies using the boxed egg replacer. They were very similar to the tubs of meringue cookies I used to buy every week at Trader Joe’s back in college, but I still felt like I could do better. The other week I started hearing about people using chickpea brine to make meringue. It sounded really strange and even a little unappetizing, so I dismissed it the first time. But then more and more people kept raving about chickpea brine and I figured I’d give it a try too. So I poured the liquid from a can of chickpeas into my stand mixer, set it to high, and anxiously watched to see what would happen.

The result was amazing! That word gets way overused in blogging, where every recipe is “the best ever!“, but this time I promise you it’s true. The brine, which is maybe half a cup to start, gets so fluffy it nearly fills the entire mixing bowl. And that’s when I knew I had to make the dessert I’ve been dreaming about for years: pavlova.

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No-Bake Mini Vegan Red Velvet Cheesecakes |

No-Bake Mini Red Velvet Cheesecakes

As you may have noticed, we did a little spring cleaning over the weekend. The ads I could take down (without breaking contracts) are down, the navigation is cleaned up, the font is a bit more refined—basically, we wanted to minimize distractions from the recipe posts and photography, and hopefully we got closer to that…

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Vegan Chinese "Chicken" (Chickpea) Salad |

Chinese Chickpea Salad

For as long as I can remember, it’s been of utmost importance to me that I not just be okay or proficient at the things I take on, but really good at them. Receiving an A- always irked me, and a B+…forget it. For some people I think this personality trait is more about pleasing others. For me…

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Vegan Brooklyn Blackout Cake |

Brooklyn Blackout Cake

This weekend Bostonians felt the warmth of the sun on our skin for the first time since…September? Words cannot even begin to describe how needed and uplifting this was for all of us who have been buried beneath epic amounts of snow and layers upon layers that never quite kept us warm enough. Aaron and…

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Easy Vegan 7 Layer Dip |

Easy Vegan 7 Layer Dip

When I think back to growing up and the seemingly endless string of birthday parties, pool parties, sleepovers, movie nights, and other random get-togethers with big groups of friends, the food was definitely one of the highlights. Pizza! Brownies! Chips! Ice cream! And always (always) a big bowl or casserole dish of seven layer dip….

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Simplified Vegan Sticky Buns |

Simplified Sticky Buns

About a month ago, I discovered that it’s surprisingly easy and rewarding to make my own cinnamon rolls from scratch. Well, I think I’ve created a bit of a monster. A flour-covered, cinnamon-bulk-buying, fluffy-dough-obsessed monster. And I blame Aaron. You see, Aaron has what I lovingly call a “baked good problem,” not unlike my “chocolate…

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