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Barley the Model

It’s official. Barley made more money than me this month. When I left my SEO consulting job, I told the puggles they needed to pick up some slack, and lo and behold, Barley understands English and booked a modeling gig. One of Aaron’s clients was having a tough time finding a dog model for their ad campaign, and happened to see a photo of Barley. Unable to resist his good looks (and personality, of course), Barley beat out the professional dog models.

I was a very proud puppy mama on set, as Barley patiently sat and turned on the charm for his half an hour in the limelight in exchange for pieces of organic apple. He has a very sophisticated palette, with a focus on nutrition and the environment.

Honey came along to the photo shoot for moral support, but was quickly taken with the giant open space and instead spent the time running circles and browsing bin after bin of what she thought were dog toys but were actually photography props. Unfortunately, Honey lost this freedom when I found her contemplating an economy-size bag of Lindt chocolates (another client of of the photographer). She spent the rest of the day on the leash whining and pouting, while I listened to people on set say “Wow, she really does cry a lot. Is that a breed thing?” No, that’s a Honey thing.

Speaking of chocolate, I think I need to stop buying it, at least for a while. I used to be a chocolate chip junkie: a small handful after lunch, another in the afternoon and after dinner…and before I knew it, the bag was gone. I have nothing against chocolate (clearly), but I do better when I don’t have it available to me all day every day. The problem is that Aaron gets seriously offended when I tell him “no chocolate” at the grocery store. The conversation is similar for other things I try to keep out of the apartment (chips, cookies, sugary dried fruit, other candy, etc.) and goes something like:

Aaron: “Did you want to get some {insert addictive food}?”

Me: “No, I’m really trying not to eat that. It’s really not good to eat {insert addictive food} so often because of the {insert questionable ingredient}. Did you know {insert disturbing food fact}?”

Aaron: “Dammit, Amanda! You ruin all my favorite foods!”

Shopping trip over.

I am in such a workout rut right now, which pairs fabulously with the over-consumption of chocolate, as you can imagine. With the exception of when we lived in SF, I have had a gym membership as far back as high school and regularly worked out either on my own or via group fitness classes. For the last few months, though, I’ve felt totally uninspired to get my butt to the gym. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with bodypump and bodyattack, then spinning when my knees decided they hated me, and now I’m lost. I’ll be really dedicated for a couple of weeks and then lose all motivation. I’m considering swapping my gym membership for a yoga studio, but I can’t decide if a regular yoga practice only excites me in theory. Then there’s this other part of me that loves the idea of not spending the money on a gym or studio and trying to get into running (and by running I mean jogging). I’ve done brief stints with running in the past, although I’m not sure my knees will cooperate now thanks to all that bodypump. Also, running in the Boston winter? Yeah…

Where is Jillian Michaels when I need her?

I want to find a form of exercise that (mostly) feels like fun, or at least rewards me with some kind of endorphin rush/mental calm at the end.

Any advice? Have you been in an exercise rut, and if so, how did you pull yourself out? Somebody help me, and please take away the chocolate.



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  1. ahh love this! haha i always tell Kona it is time for her to get a J-O-B, sadly, it is unlikely. plus, she is quite the diva.

    1. Amanda says

      I understand. haha Honey is quite the diva too. Very sweet, but she’s a princess for sure!

  2. Oh my gosh, look at Barley! Haha so cute! That’s so awesome, Amanda. I love it, he’s so well behaved! Bailey would be a maniac for sure. I am also a horrid chocolate junkie..maybe there’s a counseling group for people like us? Also, Todd and I go through the same thing every shopping trip. He sneaks Tostitos and vegan pizza into our cart! Every Tuesday I do a workout through the app, Nike Training Club. It’s all women in the videos and it’s very, very well put together and the workouts are so tough. You should try it! I love it. 🙂

    1. Amanda says

      That’s funny about the Tostitos! I fight Aaron on the chips and chocolate, but I’m learning (sort of) that the coffee and booze are a losing battle. 🙂
      I’ll have to check out the Nike app. I think I’m just looking for a change – whatever that may be.

  3. yayyyy to Barley such a stud. I am on the same page as you friend, I have lost all my motivation to work out and also eating to much comfort food isnt helping. I have joined gym after a long time because my desire to run/jog at the park is all gone. For the past couple of days, I have been trying different fitness classes, mainly yoga and kickboxing. Also, before joining the yoga studio or any class I highly recommend taking their free class, visiting the studio to see if you really like it.

    1. Amanda says

      Yes, I feel you on the comfort food! It’s tougher to eat salads and smoothies now that the weather is cooler (and also, my landlord likes to only turn on the heat at night so my apartment is usually cold!). I just picked up a new cookbook though – Eat to Live – so I’m hoping it will inspire me!
      Good point about trying out the yoga studio before committing. They are very pricey near me, so I would not want to spend that kind of money if I ended up not liking it!

  4. wendy says

    bikram yoga! great workout, super results, amazing spiritual practice all rolled into one! plus, it feels great on those cold winter days. way better than running outside in boston, anyway 🙂

    1. Amanda says

      Hot yoga does sound pretty appealing now that it’s not summer!

  5. Carly M says

    I was a regular morning gym rat for years, then one day I just didn’t want to go anymore. Ruts happen. I have fallen in love with buying groupons/living social/etc for different types of workouts: bootcamps, cross fits, barre classes, hot yoga, regular yoga. It’s fun to try new things, be surrounded by new inspiration, new people all for an affordable price. The bummer is when you fall in love with a studio whose normal fee is way out of your budget! But it helps invigorate you and remind you that working out can be enjoyable. If you can’t find any internet deals, try looking up new client specials at different studios/clubs … Sometimes they offer great discounts. Good luck and have fun finding your new inspiration! 🙂

    1. Amanda says

      That’s an interesting idea about the groupon/living social deals! Usually I just delete those emails, but I’ll have to start paying more attention.

  6. Whoa, work it, Barley! 🙂 Such a sweet little adventure for y’all!

    And personally, I can’t deal with gyms. People annoy me too much (#honest) and I don’t think I’d ever have stayed active if I had to gear myself up in winter/rain to go to the gym. I’m lucky though because I do have a gym in my building (which is part of my rent), so I can pop down to use a machine/free weights when I want to, but the majority of my exercise “regime” is stuff I do at home (body weight exercises, yoga) or out and about (walking everywhere, always taking stairs, etc.). It’s worked to keep me active, but that’s mostly because my personality makes me shy away from group classes or being surrounded by people working out. I do sometimes hit slumps though, and when that happens I just ride it out and enjoy the extra sleep time in the morning :).

    And, R and Aaron have a lot in common when it comes to dealing with us. I’ve actually had to stop explaining why I no longer eat certain things because it just makes him annoyed with me/starts an argument (oops). I do all the major shopping though, so that helps my case to get him to not eat/bring in the things I don’t approve of :).

    1. Amanda says

      I love that you said people annoy you too much to go to the gym. haha How do you live in NYC?? 😉 I go to an all-women’s gym now, which is so much more enjoyable, but I do agree that the packed classes can be too much (especially when I feel like I have to fight for space). The only time I like a packed class is for spinning – I feel like the energy is much better. I also really like what you said about walking everywhere and keeping an active lifestyle. I don’t know why I have it in my head that things like long walks with the dogs don’t count. Walking is such an enjoyable way to get more movement in during the day!

      1. Trust me, I have absolutely no idea how I’ve lasted so long here! 😉

  7. Love it! What a good puppy! I keep telling Oto he needs to get a modeling gig to support his treat and toy habbit 🙂 I hope you’ll share the pics when they’re released! I totally hear you on the chocolate thing, I finally decided last week that I couldn’t buy any more, I was going through 2-3 bars of dark chocolate a week. As for the exercise thing, running is good but this may not be the greatest time to start, the mornings are dark and its so cold out its hard to find the motivation (at least for me). Group exercise classes always work for me, I like having accountability to get me there and then of course I always feel great after 🙂

    1. Amanda says

      Oto could totally get a modeling gig! I’ll be sure to share some photos of Barley when I have them.
      You make a very valid point about starting up running when it’s cold and dark in the mornings. I’d be curious to try taking one of the puggles to see if they would keep me accountable, although I’m 99% sure they will be terrible running buddies because Honey pulls backwards and Barley pees on everything! I so want to be a first-thing-in-the-morning exerciser though.

  8. Lol- stop ruining foods for Aaron! Poor guy! 😉
    As for being in a workout rut, there are SO many options to choose from! When I moved out here I was so sick of Bodypump and Spinning after teaching it 7 times a week and took a break from both for three months! But now I’m totally glad to be back- and only each twice a week. I think that taking different classes is great, and even just using exercise DVDs (you can get them for SO cheap!) I love all of Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method DVDs more than anything else. I think you can get the entire collection of them from his site for like $15 (the yoga one is my FAVORITE). If you switch things up every week or two, you won’t be bored. Like, do the gym one week, videos the next, yoga the next, kickboxing next, etc.
    Or just move here and take my classes…

    1. Amanda says

      Thanks for the workout suggestions, Lauren! I’ve heard good things about the Bob Harper DVDs – I will have to check them out! I like what you said about switching things up every couple of weeks. I get into a pattern of doing the same gym classes for months and then get so bored. I would LOVE to take one of your classes! Aaron and I were talking yesterday about maybe visiting Colorado next summer. I will definitely reach out if those plans firm up! xo

  9. Tricia says

    I have been taking hot yoga classes (hot vinyasa flow I find better for great workout AND calming benefits) but I have also done the whole Bikram thing too. While great for the calorie burn and slimming effects, I hated doing the same 26 poses in such a hot room and really just wanted it to be over every time. With a hot vinyasa flow type class, or even a regular intensive flow yoga class, I find I get the best of both worlds. A great workout, strength building, weight loss and an overall calming effect. Worth a try perhaps. I know it’s not for everyone, but it works for me. My hubby even notices a big difference in my moods when I stop going for a while. Good luck getting out of the rut. I get in ruts all the time, but I actually find myself missing yoga. Due to some financial issues, I haven’t gone in two months, and I try to do yoga at home, but between the animals and my kids, I really REALLY need a studio. Ever tried leaning backwards into a nice pose only to land on a cat that has claimed the back end of your mat? Yes, it doesn’t end all that well. Ouch. 🙂

    1. Amanda says

      Thanks, Tricia! People seem to be very divided when it comes to Bikram. I guess you either love it or hate it! That’s funny that you should mention your hubby noticing a change in your moods when you stop going to your vinyasa class – Aaron was doing Baptiste classes for a while and I noticed a huge difference in his mood (so much calmer and mellow)! Honestly, the heat freaks me out a little, but I am curious to see what that type of yoga high feels like. 🙂
      I hope you can get back to your yoga studio soon!


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